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The Benefits of Working with MadisonGunn

MadisonGunn is comprised of the same type of people that we’re placing with our clients: elite sales and marketing professionals who aspire to be part of something inspiring, challenging and growing.

So we understand what’s important to you when working with a placement firm. You demand confidentiality and discretion – you don’t want, or need, someone to blast your resume out to dozens of potential clients...maybe even your current employer. You demand a personal approach that’s specifically tailored to your skills and career ambitions. When presented with a potential opportunity, it has to be something worthy of your talents and in your wheelhouse.

MadisonGunn does not exist to mass market sales and marketing professionals to the entire marketplace. Our only interest is in matching the professionals we represent with carefully selected opportunities that our clients have presented to us. We take a consultative approach to your career and to our clients’ needs.

Defining the MadisonGunn Candidate

While the sales and marketing professionals we represent come from a wide range of industries, they tend to share some specific characteristics.

At MadisonGunn, we refer to our candidates as “catalysts” – when they accept a new position with one of our clients, they make an immediate impact. They go beyond merely having the skills to succeed in the marketplace. They are overachievers. They are dynamic. They are goal-oriented and relentlessly driven to succeed. They are leaders who have already accomplished a great deal, but are not satisfied.

If you think you, too, are a catalyst, contact us - it would be our great pleasure to get to know you!